Case Studies

Over the years, We have worked with fortune 500 and multi-million dollar companies. we create impact by framing problems, visualizing user narratives, and mapping it to operational capabilities. 



Mapping flows to identify friction points helps us discover opportunities to enhance experiences and solve problems.

Shilpi Kumar @ SDN Midwest Conference, 2018

Shilpi Kumar @ SDN Midwest Conference, 2018

Innovation is a problem of FLOW, not lack of ideas

“It’s important not just to have the right idea but also to synchronize it with all your stakeholders as it evolves. This cannot be accidental. It must be managed.” Read more .

Emotional model for a shopping journey

Emotional model for a shopping journey

Flow of movement: for enticing buyers

In order to understand shopper’s natural behavior during their shopping experience , we used technology to track shoppers and understand their shopping behaviors from their own perspective instead of from the perspective of the store.

Bamboo artisans in Design Workshops, Pipalkoti, Uttaranchal

Bamboo artisans in Design Workshops, Pipalkoti, Uttaranchal

Flow of Making: for livelihood development

In 2003, through a design-led partnership with a non-profit based in China called INBAR, Dehradun based UBFDB and Aagaas, I worked with the local bamboo artisans to optimize the creation of market-driven and value-added products to improve their daily earnings.

Innovation process map

Innovation process map

Flow of ideas: for innovation efficiency

“Think of innovation as the “flow of an idea”, it starts with an input (the ideas that go in), how it grows (how it flows through the organization), and results in an output (what comes out as impact).”

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We work with design, operations and strategy teams to define process and CX strategy


Process Integration

Integration of core business process through a combination of Lean Startup, Agile, and User-centric approach to help leadership implement an organizational shift in strategy; defined the New Initiative Lifecycle (process).

Customer experience research

Interviewed ~50 internal leaders to map the current state of the Total Customer Experience; proposed recommendations for translation of innovation into the marketplace.

innovation Strategy

Established connections between strategy and innovation by introducing a framework to categorize new initiatives; conducted market research for innovation projects and introduced best practices for research at the fuzzy front end.

We work with leadership to create a new company-wide strategy using research into modes of work

Origins of modes of work.jpg

The story behind Herman Miller’s Modes of Work 

We took a magnifying glass to the act of a collaborative event as the worker experiences it to understand both how it begins and ends, and the unique needs of people across distinct stages of the process. We focused on: 1. The purpose—Why collaborate? 2. The activities—What are people doing? 3. The behaviors—How are they doing it?

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How workplace design looks to Groupon, Gogo and Herman Miller

10 universal modes of work — including individual, group, spontaneous and planned — define the way collaboration happens in the workplace. Leaders should identify which modes of work prevail within their own companies, she said, because it helps them think “intentionally” to support them.

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The Vital Link Between Improvisation and Innovation

Our research showed that the nature of these teams and their work is often improvisational. Their approach to work activities was similar to a jazz ensemble’s approach to playing music, with each member riffing and playing off the others. Members transitioned often and fluidly from working alone to working together. 

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Nurturing collaboration at work

The future office is about creating spaces that optimize performance by providing people with an environment that fosters collaboration, connections, and innovation where it happens intuitively.

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storytelling for bringing alignment and buy-in

We created an internal facing booklet with comic style graphics to represent the everyday behaviors in the office synthesized from our analysis from over 700 images of real time activities across multiple organizations. This led to the successful implementation of the Modes of Work research as part of Herman Miller's Living Office story.

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New way to understand user behaviors

We implemented a sensor-based study with accelerometer data, dScout surveys, and daily journals followed by ethnographic interviews. The patterns from the data gave us and the stakeholders a believable story to base their decisions on.

Create a vision for the future of learning…

2012-09-24 12.49.31.jpg

Georgia Tech Study: Does Space Matter? Assessing the Undergraduate “Lived Experience” to Enhance Learning

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Vision for the future of learning with the big Ten academic alliance partnership

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Identify and explore ways to enhance patient experience using Human-centered Design…

parkland problem summary_modified6.jpg

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer center and the institute of design-What is an Enhanced Patient Experience?

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parkland hospital: If I Were a Band-Aid, Where Would I Be? Researching the Use and Location of Supplies on Two Patient Units

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