THE World is changing faster thAn ever.

There was a time when corporations had to be convinced that innovation was important. Today, every corporation has some form of innovation strategy, either outsourced or in-house. However, most innovation leaders find that lack of integration of such projects often lead to unsuccessful outcomes. When we studied companies across industries, across the globe, we saw a disconnect between the company strategy and its innovation efforts. This was mostly due to inefficient operational flows and lack of buy-in from middle management, which often leads to severe implementation bottlenecks for innovation projects.

Our mission at Khoj Lab is to help organizations and innovation leaders discover and optimize operational flows to tackle implementation bottlenecks. We approach problems through Design Thinking and Lean methodologies.

Let Khoj Lab help you streamline your innovation process.


Our view is that innovation should be



Stakeholders are at the core of our thinking. We believe every individual involved is important-Finance, Legal, Commercial, Operations, Marketing, Research, Design, Engineering, Product Management...everyone is a stakeholder and everyone has a role to play in innovation



We reframe by evaluating and sometimes challenging the assumptions that led to your innovation strategy



We believe a streamlined flow of ideas through all stages -exploration, design, testing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling- is critical to the success of innovation



Critical to success is also finding relationships between discrete elements that may not seem related at first glance. We look for such multi-threaded connections within and outside your organization



We use proven design methods and innovation frameworks to drive a structured approach to research, innovation, and innovation capability building