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Problem Framing


Our innovation diagnostics provide insight into user needs and maps it to an organization's strengths and weaknesses. Thus making sure the organization is solving the right problem for the right user.


  • Diagnostics/Stakeholder interviews
  • Contextual research/Secondary research
  • Design research
  • Vision/Problem framing workshop
  • Visual mapping of complex systems and journeys
  • Value webs
  • Co-creation workshop
  • Roadmap for implementation
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Insight-led Innovation


Design research is the core of everything we do.

It's A starting point from which WE CAN make informed decisions.

Design Research activities involve:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Surveys
  • Research immersion workshops
  • Ethnography
  • Sensor-based studies
  • Culture probes
  • Future trends research/era analysis
  • Customer journey maps
  • Service blueprints/process maps
  • Analysis/synthesis workshops
  • Co-creation workshops
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Innovation capability


Innovation leadership requires a different set of skills and behaviors. We help identify gaps and assist in defining resources to fill these gaps.

Building an innovation capability involveS:

  • Vision workshops
  • Process alignment sessions
  • Identifying resource gaps
  • Resource identification within the organization
  • Innovation best practice sharing
  • Step by step implementation recommendations
  • Tools and frameworks for innovation capability building
  • Scenario planning